Electronic Press Kit

“Sung with resonant soulfulness, [Flatlands] ought to become the Midwest’s national anthem.”

-Village Voice

“Thomas’ music is not to be read about, but experienced.”

-Atlanta Music Guide

Distinguished Artist Award

-Duluth City Council (2017)

Country album of the year

-The Isthmus (2008)



The rich-mosaic/super-dope-quilt that is my artistic career is challenging to present in a one page thing. I’ve performed over a thousand times at this point, I’ve released a number of dynamite albums, I’ve written stage plays and musicals, I produce podcasts, I’ve won some awards and received various praise for various things, and I continue to get to work with some of the most talented people in the world. And sometimes I make origami characters that talk to one another about life.

What is represented here is mostly the songwriting part of things.

K, love you, byeeeeee!!


Episode #41 – “Hired Gun”